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map of 2019 route

Written route directions



Directions for Bike Riders at “Tour ‘de Farm

Safety Awareness Bike Ride”

Saturday June 29, 2019

7:30-8:15 AM: Meet at Pines 

*pictures, check-in, t-shirts, etc.

8:15 AM: Welcome, directions and kick-off by Bob Bosold – WAXX Farm Reporter

8:30 AM: Leave Pines for Stop #1,  Woodmohr Jerseys (Jon & Wendy Schmidt)

*turn right on SS

*take the first right (.5 miles) onto 20th Ave

*turn right on Cty Hwy GG in 1.5 miles

*At the stop sign continue straight crossing SS as the road becomes 110th St.

*Follow 110th St. as it curves to the left and turns into 157th Ave

*Continue 2 miles to the stop sign and turn right on 125th St.

*Arrive at Woodmohr Jerseys on the left

*Program begins at 9:15 and continues until 9:45

(5.7 miles) – to first stop

(9:45): Leave Woodmohr Jerseys for Stop #2, CR Vineyards (Cathy & Randy Feuling)

*Leave Woodmohr Jerseys and go south on 125th St. for 2.1 miles and take a right on 135th Ave.

*Go up Bunker Hill (walkers stay to the right) and then down to the stop sign

*Take a left on 110th St.

*Follow the road for .5 miles, go under Hwy 53 to Cty Hwy Q

*Cross Hwy Q and continue on 130th St. for 1.5 miles

*Turn left on Hwy C, go for .5 miles and take a right on 125th Ave. (at barn with green roof)

*Go .6 miles and turn left on 90th St.

*Turn right at the stop sign

*In .5 miles, arrive at CR Vineyards 8489 120th Ave.

*Program begins at 11:00 and continues until 11:30

(13.5 miles) – to second stop

(11:30): Leave CR Vineyards for Stop #3, Klinger’s Farm Market

*Leave CR Vineyards, take a right out of the driveway and go east for 1.9 miles to the stop sign

*Take a right on Hwy C

*In .8 miles at the stop sign turn right on Hwy Q

*turn left on 118th Ave. in .5 miles (Shannon’s corner)

*at the stop sign take a right on 118th St.

*Go .4 miles and turn left on 115th Ave.

*Go to the stop sign and turn left on 133rd St.

*Go to the next stop sign and turn left on 125th Ave.

*Arrive at Klinger’s Farm Market in .3 miles

*Program begins at 12:15 and continues until 12:45

(20.5 miles) – to third stop

(12:45): Leave Klinger’s Farm Market for Stop #4, Mayer Lane Holsteins (Don & Liz Mayer)

*Leave Klinger’s and go North

*in .7 miles stay right on 132nd St.

*Continue on 132nd St. over the railroad tracks for 1.8 miles to the stop sign

*Take a left on Hwy 124 into Eagleton

*In .2 miles turn right on 150th Ave. (at Fitzwell’s Bar) - Dogs in yard, OK, underground fencing

*Take a left at the stop sign on 145th St. in .4 miles, go past church/cemetery

*Continue for 2.7 miles to the stop sign

*Turn right on Hwy 124

*Take the first left in .1 miles on 182nd Ave.

*Follow the curvy road for 1 mile to the stop sign

*Take a left on 130th St.

*In .1 mile take the first right on 180th Ave.

*In 2 miles, take a right at the stop sign on GG

*Continue for 1.1 miles to the stop sign, take a left into the field and walk along Hwy 64 to Mayer Lane Holsteins 10803 Hwy 64

*stay off of Hwy 64, walk in ditch next to road

*Program begins at 2:00 and continues until 2:30

(31.5 miles) – to fourth stop

(2:30): Leave Mayer Lane Holsteins for Pines  

*Leave the driveway and take a right on Hwy 64

*Take a right in .1 miles on GG

*Continue for 1.5 miles and turn right on 175th Ave. (Road turns into 20th Ave)

*In 1.5 miles, turn left on SS 

*In .5 miles arrive at the Pines

(35.3 miles) – total ride

Dinner at 4:00